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Award-Winning Cookie Dough, Brownie Mix and Pizza Dough Supplier

Welcome to Bred’s Foods, where exceptional taste meets unbelievable convenience. As a premium Cookie Dough, Brownie Mix and Award-Winning Pizza Dough Supplier, our food products are designed to grow your business, whether you serve the hospitality and food retail sectors or cater directly to the public.

Ready-to-Bake Cookie Dough Supplier

As a valued partner, we offer premium cookie dough solutions that cater to the need to save money for your business. Our chef-grade cookie dough simplifies dessert creation, ensuring consistently delicious cookies that will captivate your customers and drive repeat business.

Ready-to-Bake Brownie Mix Manufacturer

Expand your dessert portfolio with our artisanal brownie mixes. Working in collaboration with us, we guarantee rich, fudgy brownies that will delight your loyal customer base and entice new clients. Our mixes are thoughtfully crafted to streamline the production process, making it more convenient and efficient.

Wholesale Pizza Dough Suppliers For Pizza Companies

Winner of the ‘Best Frozen Pizza Dough in the UK 2019’ award from Lux Magazine. By partnering with us, you’ll be delivering authentic, mouthwatering pizzas every time.

We make it, you bake it

Why Bred’s Foods?

At Bred’s Foods, we understand the unique challenges of your business. Efficiency, quality, and consistency are paramount in satisfying the discerning tastes of your clients. That’s why we offer a premium range of ready-to-bake plant based cookie dough, brownie mix, and pizza dough.

Improve profit margins and reduce costs
Substantial time savings
One-year shelf life with a further three months shelf life once cooked
Dedicated chilled distribution network
Reduce stress in the kitchen
UK-wide delivery
100% natural ingredients
Award-winning products from a SALSA-accredited supplier

Food Innovation and Quality

Our commitment to food innovation and quality ensures that you can offer the very best food products to your customers. Bred’s Foods makes baking smarter and more efficient. Embrace our premium dough products, designed to optimise your operations and help them exceed customer expectations.

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We supply food wholesalers with frozen ready-to-bake brownie mixes, cookie dough and pizza dough. Saving your customer’s time and money in the kitchen.

How Bred’s Foods Can Take Your Restaurant to the Next Level As Your Pizza Dough Suppliers

We’re here to take your restaurant to the next level. With our impeccable quality and unrivalled expertise, Bred’s Foods has revolutionised the art of pizza making, ensuring your customers will keep coming back for more.

Bred’s Foods guarantees that with every bite, your customers will experience the authentic flavour and texture that make your pizza truly exceptional. Whether you run a small pizzeria or an Italian restaurant, partnering with Bred’s Foods means taking your pizza production to a whole new level.

What sets Bred’s Foods apart is our commitment to using only the finest ingredients and time-honoured techniques. Our team crafts each batch of dough, ensuring consistency and flavour in every batch of pizza dough we create. By choosing Bred’s Foods as your pizza dough supplier, you can focus on what you do best – running your pizza business.

Benefits of Partnering with Bred’s Foods as Your Pizza Dough Supplier

Partnering with Bred’s Foods as your pizza dough supplier comes with a multitude of benefits that can significantly enhance your restaurant’s operations and customer satisfaction. Here are some key advantages:

Consistency: Bred’s Foods prides itself on delivering consistent quality in every batch of pizza dough they produce. This means that your customers will enjoy the same exceptional pizza every time they visit your restaurant. Consistency builds trust and ensures that your customers will keep coming back for more.

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Expertise: With years of experience in the industry, we have honed our expertise in pizza dough production. Our team of skilled artisans understands the intricacies of dough-making and can provide valuable insights and support to help you optimise your pizza-making process. By partnering with Bred’s Foods, you gain access to their wealth of knowledge and expertise, enabling you to create pizzas that stand out from the competition.

Time and Cost Savings: Making pizza dough from scratch can be time-consuming and labour-intensive. By outsourcing this task to Bred’s Foods, you free up valuable time and resources that can be better utilised in other aspects of your restaurant operations. Additionally, Bred’s Foods’ efficient production processes and economies of scale can result in cost savings for your business, allowing you to invest in other areas of growth.

Partnering with Bred’s Foods as your pizza dough supplier is a strategic decision that can bring numerous benefits to your restaurant. From consistent quality and freshness to expert support and cost savings, Bred’s Foods is the partner you need to take your pizza game to the next level.