BBQ bread or stockbrood

Our chef Paul is always passionate about food and loves to advise how to best bake it – just like he did for the Fourie family. Bred’s bread dough is so versatile that it can be made into loaves, rolls and even South African stockbrood – BBQ bread on a stick! Our lovely customers, the Fourie family, absolutely loved it!

Here’s what the had to say about it:

As you suggested, it was much easier to get the dough on the sticks before the proving. The kids had a wonderful time playing with the dough and cooking it over the fire. They kept asking for more and later on even invented their own bread shapes that they cooked on the grill over the fire.

But most pleasingly, they loved the taste. And the overall feedback, no matter the age, was YUMMY!! I can’t thank you enough for all your help and for making my life considerably easier.

I will be recommending people giving it a try.

Here is a selection of pics from the day bearing in mind we were far too interested in what we were doing to pay too much attention to photos.

Why not try it for yourselves this summer?!

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