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Firm favourite

Our brownie mix remains a firm favourite with our customers: The brownies are amazing! Cracked and firm on the outside and soft and goo-ey in the middle. Perfect! Baked at home and warm when serving – my guests thought I was an awesome cook!! This is the quickest and simplest dessert (served with custard for […]

Smart cookie!

Great things are happening at Bred’s Foods and we’re too excited to Keep Calm!   Our products include flapjack, teacake and brownie mix and cookie dough as well as sweet and savoury pastry, pasta and bread dough. They’re affordable and versatile – for example, the cookie dough is smart enough to be eaten raw, warmed […]


We’re delighted that our chef and founder – Paul Brennan – is enjoying welcome praise right now, especially because he’s worked hard to create our products. Paul’s received some rave reviews for his dairy-free, gluten free and sugar free options as well as standard products and is now working hard to perfect a vegan and […]

Free from

Our products are so versatile – not only do we mix and prepare them for you to bake at home – we also use ingredients that allow our goodies to be free from the additives and preservatives you may find in other ready-to-bake doughs. We have gluten free brownies, cookies, flapjacks, pizza dough, shortcrust pastry, […]

Try and buy!

Have you tried our hassle-free, easy to use doughs yet? Just open and bake for fresh cookies, brownies, pizza, pasta and pastry. We have gluten free, sugar free, dairy free and fat free options – and some amazing feedback : “Paul is a superb baker, who puts quality and integrity of his product to the […]

Fantastic feedback

Thank you for the fantastic feedback – we’re happy you’re happy! Wow! These are the BEST gluten free products I’ve eaten in over 20 years!! The tea cake is moist & doesn’t fall apart, the brownies taste like regular brownies, the cookies are soft & not hard or crumbly. The sweet pastry tastes fantastic too!! […]

Options, options …

We produce hassle-free, easy to use dough. Just open and bake for fresh cookies, brownies, pizza, pasta and pastry. We have #glutenfree #sugarfree #DairyFree and #FatFree options as well as 25% off our cookie dough, free delivery in the local area AND £5 off delivery across the UK. It’s hard to know which option to choose!?! 🍪 We make it – You […]

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