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Food Analysis

Food Analysis plays a key role in our services. Extensive data on both technical and sensory aspects of products, such as Food Texture, Food Chemistry and Food Flavour Analytics can be used to make better informed decisions concerning food research and development directions.

Food Analysis

We pair insights from our sensory panel, which evaluates the consumer experience of product flavours and textures, with lab-based Food and Health Analytics data. Our testing includes a comprehensive range of analyses. Providing a thorough understanding of the food’s nutritional and health impacts.

Food Chemistry Analysis – matching flavours that bring out the best in your product, trade secrets work to our advantage
Food Flavour Analysis – achieving the best possible results that cannot be beaten
Textural Food Analysis – a fine balance of texture to enhance the end product

Central to the services we offer, we deliver essential insights into both the technical and sensory dimensions of food products. By Analysing Food Chemistry, we delve deep into the composition of food. Giving a solid foundation for understanding its nutritional value and health implications.

Our expertise in Food Flavour Analytics helps manufacturers to fine-tune the taste profiles of their products, making sure they meet buyer tastes and stand out in the competitive market.

Furthermore, Food Textural Analytics allows us to dissect and enhance the physical experience of food, addressing how the mouthfeel and consistency contribute to overall satisfaction. This complete analysis equips our clients with the knowledge to make more informed decisions, driving innovation and excellence in food research and development.

Food and Health Analytics are central to the robust services we offer, delivering essential insights into both the technical and sensory dimensions of food products.

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