If you want to save time and money and provide restaurant quality cookie, brownie or pizza products to your customers, you're in the right place!

Chef Paul Brennan

I have been a chef for most of my adult life – working with some very passionate people. I trained at Le Pont De La Tour in London owned by Sir Terence Conran and worked for Marco Pierre White and Mark Askew. I have 25 years experience in hospitality – working with Master Chefs to accolade standards. I am passionate about Bred’s Foods Ltd – creating easy to use options for everyone. We make it – You bake it!


And our aim is to support all kitchens – domestic and professional – to maintain their food quality standards with minimal hassle. We offer bespoke, raw food products and we will work with you to tailor our products to your specific needs from pricing, delivery options, discounts to fit your menus or price list and we can supply professional advice with SSOW (Safe Systems of Work), cross-contamination, menu writing and more.

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Our product range includes :

Pasta Dough

Made with “00” flour, olive oil & pasteurised eggs. A variety of flavours can be added including beetroot, saffron and squid ink.

Shortcrust & Sweet Pastry

 Either plain or flavoured, gluten free or dairy free. Try our duck fat shortcrust, it’s amazing.

High Quality Bread Dough

 In addition to our standard, wheat flour dough, we produce dough using spelt, rye and wholemeal flours, organic and non-organic. 

We can add a range of flavours including walnut & honey, fresh olive, organic rosemary and sun-blushed tomato. 

Chocolate Brownie Mix

Moist, light, well balanced flavours & home-baked. Can be made gluten free, with no added sugar and with no added dairy, in addition to our regular standard mix. We are working on a vegan brownie that we hope to be ready for early 2019.

Cookie Dough

Comes in plain and single / triple choc chip varieties. Can be gluten, wheat and dairy free, we also offer sugar free and a combination of the above.


Can be gluten, wheat & dairy free as well as no added sugar and we can do this fat free and with a combination of the above. Cook, slice then freeze for ease of use. 

Long shelf life

Frozen products have a shelf-life of up to a year.  Bread and pizza dough are delivered frozen only – all other products are delivered chilled or frozen according to customer preference. We can supply the volume of goods required to meet your demand and in a reliable and timely fashion.  We also provide the necessary regulation information for the products you wish to sell and can supply the right products for your business. 

Highly competitive

We can offer a 24/7 production line with skilled personnel, in several production areas. Gluten free is a separate kitchen with separate storage facilities giving you the confidence we are looking after you. Our prices are highly competitive, comparing one gluten free lemon tart for £3 each from a large wholesale company. We will offer you a gluten and dairy free brownie with 99% less sugar for £1.70 (trade discount included). 100g portion size, more than enough for an adult and will blend into all menus, from cafes to award winning restaurants.

Improved GP (Gross Profit Margins)

Substantial time savings

Decreased stress in the kitchen

Thanks to Bred’s easy to use and time saving products

No unnecessary Preservatives, E numbers or other "Nasties"

Lower wage costs

Easy availability of allergy free products

Including sugar free, dairy free, gluten & dairy free range (we can suit your needs).

Freeing up time to concentrate on other areas

100% Natural Ingredients

No more cooked bread in the freezer

Now saving up to 70% on freezer space

Less time spent in pastry

The balance of flavour are the best they have tasted

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