Wholesale brownie mix: 7 reasons to bake premixed brownies on-site

There are two types of customers who walk into premises that sell food and drink. One group go in with the intention of eating, probably having a meal. The other group just go in for a coffee, then they smell the chocolate brownies. There’s no smell quite like it. Warm, gooey, just baked brownies. Utterly irresistible. The problem is, baking brownies is time consuming. With limited members of staff and lots to do, there’s no time to produce fresh bakery items throughout the day. That’s where wholesale brownie mix comes in. Fresh, natural, easy to use and best of all, they look, taste and smell just as delicious as the ones you bake yourself. Check out our 7 reasons why we love baking premixed brownies on site.

Wholesale brownie mix saves you time

We know that if you had all the time in the world, you’d love to bake a fresh batch of brownies for every customer. But that’s rarely possible when you have to measure out the ingredients, mix them up, bake them and clean up all the pots and utensils you’ve used. Conversely with Bred’s Foods wholesale brownie mix, there’s none of that. Our brownie mix comes in a 3.5kg tub or an 11kg tub. Simply take out what you need, spoon it into the baking tray and put it in the oven. Aside from making the mix itself, you’ll vastly cut the time it takes to clean up after you. Leaving more time for serving customers.


Fresh ingredients are expensive. At Bred’s Foods, we buy in bulk and use only natural ingredients. This means that our production costs are lower and of course, we pass those savings on to you, our customer.

So, if you are wondering whether you can afford to buy wholesale brownie mix, the chances are it might work out cheaper than you think.

One kilogram of our brownie mix makes a total of 20 brownies.

Why not get in touch to discuss your requirements and find out if we can save your business money?


When it comes down to it, the ultimate test of any brownie is the taste. And that’s what makes Bred’s Foods different. As a small business ourselves, we understand how important customer experience is to you. In fact, our founder, head chef Paul Brennan, has over 25 years’ experience in London’s top restaurants. He worked alongside the best chefs in the industry and realised that there had to be a better way.

Paul’s chef expertise is what stands Bred’s Foods apart from other wholesale brownie mix suppliers. He has developed recipes for brownies that he would want to serve in his restaurant. Each recipe provides a cost-effective solution to your catering needs. Best of all though, the taste is absolutely second to none.

Our wholesale brownie mix provides that just baked smell

Whilst you can buy some tasty pre-baked, pre-packed brownies, they’ll never provide that fresh from the oven smell. Some of us shop with our eyes, spotting something on the counter and making a last minute decision that we’d rather like to eat it. Others shop with our ears, listening to the customer in front and feeling a pang of jealousy. They’ve ordered chocolate cake? Can we bear to sit and nurse a coffee while they smugly tuck into a slab of gooey deliciousness? Perhaps. But if we smell it, it would take more will power than most of us have got to resist. It’s no coincidence that you can now buy a hot fudge brownie scent for use in candle and soap making.

That’s why wholesale brownie mix is the very best option. It saves you the time, money and stress of baking them yourself but you lose none of the flavour, natural ingredients or most importantly, that incredible smell.


Did you know that a third of all food produced for human consumption goes to waste? As a business owner, there is nothing more frustrating than seeing the food you have put your heart and soul into having to be thrown away. At Bred’s Foods, we are doing our bit to reduce food waste. There should never be any need to throw away our delicious brownies.

We use a UK-wide dedicated chilled food distribution network. When our wholesale brownie mix reaches you, it can be kept in the freezer and just defrosted when you need it. That way, it has a full year’s shelf life and a further three month shelf life once cooked. Don’t worry though, we haven’t achieved this by using additives to prolong the life of our food. All our products are made from 100% natural ingredients.

Other products

When you’re ordering our delicious wholesale brownie mix, we have a selection of other products that might make your life easier too. Take a look at our wholesale pizza dough and versatile frozen cookie dough including gluten free options. All three can be ordered together so your business will be ready to produce a selection of quick, easy and delicious baked goods.