Wholesale pizza dough, brownies and cookies: How we can help your business

So, you’ve got a catering business. Cooking for customers is a joy, seeing their faces light up as they enjoy your product. They go home and tell their friends and business is booming. But there’s a problem. You’ve set a high bar because your produce is second to none. Delicious, freshly baked pizzas. Mouth-wateringly delicious brownies and irresistible cookies. But the volume is too high, you simply haven’t got time to produce enough food without an industrial sized kitchen. You don’t want to outsource or buy wholesale pizza dough, cookies or brownies because the quality has to be up to your own impeccable standards. That’s where Bred’s Foods comes in.

About Bred’s Foods: Why wholesale pizza dough?

If the scenario above sounds familiar to you, you’re not alone. When experienced head chef Paul Brennan set up Bred’s foods back in 2015, he recognised the need for a cost-effective catering solution. He vowed to enable businesses to save both time and money in key aspects of food preparation. 

These days, we aim to support your kitchen to reduce hassle without compromising on your high food quality standards. Our bespoke, raw food products will complement your menu. We can cater for vegan, sugar free and gluten free customers. Our products are delivered straight to you using a dedicated chilled distribution network. Each one has a full year’s shelf-life, with a further three months’ shelf-life once cooked. We use only 100% natural ingredients, and our delicious, award winning products are SALSA accredited and ready to bake.  

Wholesale pizza dough

If your business serves pizza, making the dough is time consuming. Yet of course, you want it to be freshly baked. Because your reputation depends on it. Bred’s Foods wholesale frozen pizza dough is the solution. Available in a 1kg vacuum pack or an 11kg tub, it won Lux Magazine’s Best Frozen Pizza Dough in the UK award in 2019. Forget messing about making your base mix, simply defrost and bake ours when you need it. You save time and money and your customers get the same, fresh from the oven taste sensation.

We don’t cook our mixes, we simply use the best ingredients to create superb quality, great tasting raw products. We then freeze them and ship them directly to you. Simply defrost, roll into shape, cover with your signature toppings and bake.

Catering sized brownie mix

If your customers love your chocolate brownies, the chances are they’ll be back again and again. As brownie fans ourselves, we understand the disappointment when they’re not quite up to scratch. A little bit dry. Too many synthetic ingredients leading to an unpleasant after taste. Whatever goes wrong, customers will take it to heart. That brownie they adored is no more, with an inferior product in its place. That’s why our restaurant-quality brownie mix is such high quality that nobody will notice that they’re not made on site.

Available in a 1kg vacuum pack or a 5kg or 11kg tub, our brownie mix comes in both original and gluten free varieties. We understand the importance of gooey, just out of the oven brownies. So, our brownie mix is made with top quality ingredients, frozen and delivered to you uncooked. Every 1kg of brownie mix makes 20 brownies. Simply defrost, pour it into a baking tray and pop it in the oven. If you make too many and need to refreeze them after cooking, it’s perfectly safe to do so.

Deliciously versatile frozen cookie dough

You can’t beat a freshly baked cookie, we know your customers will agree. That’s why our cookie selection is so versatile. We can provide 50g or 400g tubs of pre-shaped cookies. Alternatively, you can buy a 5kg or 11kg tub that you can defrost and shape yourself. In terms of flavours, choose from triple choc chip or single choc chip in both plant-based and vegetarian varieties. We also have coconut & maple syrup and choc chip in our vegan cookie range.

As with our wholesale pizza dough and brownies, our cookie dough is made from high-quality ingredients, frozen and shipped straight to you, uncooked. Either grab the pre-shaped cookies and pop them straight onto a baking tray to cook, or defrost what you need before shaping and cooking each batch.

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